Self help tools for new mums

Think of this section of the website as a toolbox.  The purpose of it is to give you a selection of tools and skills to help you manage symptoms of postnatal anxiety. 

You will hear about the stories of other mums who have experienced PNA, and learn about how they used these tools to manage their anxiety.

Understanding and managing anxiety

In this section of the site we will examine what anxiety is, how it can manifest itself, and look at some simple ways you might be able to gain more control over it.

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Perinatal Anxiety and Covid-19

We have developed this section of the site to provide some information and support specifically related to Perinatal Anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Challenging anxious thoughts

The way we think can have a huge effect on our wellbeing, and our thoughts can play a significant role in anxiety.

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Managing stress & looking after your wellbeing

Keeping on top of stress is not only important for both your physical and mental wellbeing, but may also help you to be more productive in the long run.

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Guided self-help exercises

Here are some guided evidence-based strategies and techniques that you can use to help reduce feelings of tension and stress, and symptoms of anxiety.

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Look after yourself and seek help, if you need it.