The Perinatal Anxiety Screening Scale (PASS)

Over the past month, how often have you experienced the following?
Please tick the response that most closely describes your experience for every question.
1. Worry about the baby/pregnancy
2. Fear that harm will come to the baby
3. A sense of dread that something bad is going to happen
4. Worry about many things
5. Worry about the future
6. Feeling overwhelmed
7. Really strong fears about things eg blood, birth, pain, needles
8. Sudden rushes of extreme fear/discomfort
9. Repetitive thoughts difficult to control
10. Difficulty sleeping even when there is the chance to sleep
11. Having to do things in a certain way or order
12. Wanting things to be perfect
13. Needing to be in control of things
14. Difficulty stopping checking or doing things over and over
15. Feeling jumpy or easily startled
16. Concerns about repeated thoughts
17. Being ‘on guard’ or needing to watch out for things
18. Upset about repeated memories, dreams or nightmares
19. Worry that I’ll embarrass myself in front of others
20. Fear that others will judge me negatively
21. Feeling really uneasy in crowds
22. Avoiding social activities because I might be nervous
23. Avoiding things which concern me
24. Feeling detached like watching yourself in a movie
25. Losing track of time and can’t remember what happened
26. Difficulty adjusting to recent changes
27. Anxiety getting in the way of being able to do things
28. Racing thoughts making it hard to concentrate
29. Fear of losing control
30. Feeling panicky
31. Feeling agitated

Somerville, S. et al. (2014) ‘The Perinatal Anxiety Screening Scale: development and preliminary validation’, Archives of Women’s Mental Health, 17(5),443–454.